5 mindset hacks that make Savvas Michael the champ he is.

5 mindset hacks that make Savvas Michael the champ he is.

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Fighting with a purpose

Savvas Michael, like every champion, feels the urge to quit, sometimes but he doesn’t. Actually, he can’t because he has something important on the line. The 23y/o champion isn’t just having fun: breaking nostrils and spilling blood. He’s driven by something that makes him train the way he trains.

The Cypriot star is fighting to support his coach, and make his mum and his nation proud — this is his driving force. As much as it feels good to win, The Baby Face Killer believes that supporting his coach and making his mum and nation proud is the ultimate payback for all the efforts and hard work he puts into every fight day.

The simplicity of Muay Thai — Hit and don’t get hit

You know what they say that simplicity is the true show of intelligence. The Baby Face Killer has shown true intelligence by simplifying Muay Thai into 5 words. Happens that the champ doesn’t just throw punches and kicks at people and things in the gym. He also takes his time to understand the technicalities of the sport. 

Savvas Michael said:

“Hit and don’t get hit”

Facts! The loser is the person that gets hit more than he hits and the winner is the person that hits more than he gets hit. Going for the win is simply trying to give more hits and get less.

Dream big. Stay hungry

How did a 6y/o  rise from a neighborhood in the corner of Cyprus to the Muay Thai world stage? Truth is, He had a dream he wouldn’t discard. He had seen fighters drop like a pony with strings cut because of the force of his punch, he had seen the golden belt around his waist and couldn’t unsee these mental pictures… wouldn’t forget them either. Those pictures kept the Cypriot champ hungry — still do. Win after win he wants more and keeps going.

Michael said: 

“I’m a Small town Kid with Big City dreams.”

Win or Die

Michael is a real monster. A champ that believes you either win or die. He’s not about just fighting, and upholding a boxing legacy… he’s about winning. Even if he understands that winning isn’t everything, he knows that kind of mindset isn’t fit for a professional boxer since all your life is about being in a win-or-lose situation.

And for every time he loses, he uses his losses to remind himself that there’s a next level he can attain where failure doesn’t exist. He’d rather die trying to win than lose to stay alive. 

Lose your life to the craft

When a man like Savvas Micheal knows he either wins or dies, it changes everything about the way he trains. It makes him go to certain extremes other fighters wouldn’t even dream of let alone dare venture into.

The 23y/o champ doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to training because he knows that he can only perform in the spotlight as much as he can in the dark when no one’s watching. He grinds himself to powder until failure is no longer a conversation happening in his head.

He said: 

“I’ve lost my mind in this game like Vincent van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his craft and lost his mind in the process. That’s happening to me. But, fuck it. When the gold belt is around my waist when my mother finally has a mansion, when my girlfriend has a different car for every day of the week, when my kids’ kids have everything they ever want, then it will pay.”


Table of Contents


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