About Us

I believe in myself. I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?


Our Mission

Ajarn and I have one goal–to be the best Muay Thai Fighter in the world.

We’re not going to get there alone though. See it’s lonely at the top. That’s why I want to bring my friends, my family, and my students there with me. Ajarn and I put everything into our training, so when it comes to the fight, my mind just clicks into the zone. 

We took this same approach to our Muay Thai Course. We poured everything in our videos to help you become the best version of yourself in this sport. So whenever your next sparring session, class, or fight is near, you lock into your own zone of greatness. 

See you at the top. –Savvas and Ajarn

The Baby Face Killer

About Savvas Michael

Have you ever felt like a foreigner in the gym? You may or may not be moving to Thailand at the tender age of 16 to fully embrace Muay Thai, but I know how you feel…

Stepping into a new gym and improving your technique is intimidating. Maybe you have your 1st fight coming up or your 100th, the feeling of nerves is still there.

For the first two years in Thailand, I had no trainer. I was depressed because I had no social life, I was just trying to fully embrace Thai culture.

I would just eat, sleep, and train.

I was just hungry to get better, and hoped a coach would want to work with me. I had 120 fights to my name…and EVERYTHING I KNEW WAS WRONG. My kicks, my punches, my footwork, and how to score in fights–All Wrong.

I knew one thing though, I will never cheat myself. I’ll always give my 100%.

Fast forward to Now. I can knock out the fighter I WAS in 1 minute.

Let me help you develop your form, your technique, and your mind when it comes to Muay Thai.

Because when a fight arrives, my mind is already in the zone.

Savvas “The Babyface Killer” Michael

Savvas Michael

Championships & Awards

World Kickboxing and Karate Union (WKU)

2014 WKU Europe Champion

World Muaythai Council (WMC)

2017 WMC World 135 lbs Champio

International Sport Karate Association (ISKA)

2016 ISKA Muay Thai European -60 kg Champion

Toyota Marathon

2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Marathon 135 lbs Champion
018 Toyota Hilux Revo Marathon 140 lbs Champion

World Boxing Council Muaythai

2019 WBC Muay Thai World Lightweight Champion


About Ajarn Wat

The best coach in Muay Thai period. 400 fights under his belt.

There’s no fear in this guy. I’ve never seen him scared.

He was struck by lightning put into a coma…and then when he left the hospital the next day he came out to train me in the gym.

He can tell if you’re 100% or not. Your mind. Your movement. Your effort. Your technique. He can see it all and he will be straight with you.

There are no shortcuts. There’s no cutting corners with Ajarn. He will mold you into one of the top Muay Thai fighters in the world. (The “Best Muay Thai fighter in the world” is reserved for me).

—Savvas “‘Ajarn Wat is the greatest Muay Thai Coach of all time” Michael

Savvas Michael

Book Your Training

The only thing better than getting the video training series is training with the best in person…

And now you can.

If you’d like to set up a time to train with Ajarn and Savvas personally at the gym (in Thailand)

Click the link below to find out more


Muay Thai fighters at any level and at any age who want to improve their form, technique, combinations, and fitness.

If you’re at a crossroads in Muay Thai where you feel like you aren’t growing this course is for you.

Ajarn and I will show you how can get your form crisp and clean and make you the best Muay Thai Fighter you can be.

Known as “The Art of 8 Limbs,” Muay Thai originated in Thailand. In Muay Thai, two fighters will fight in a ring in a refereed and judged match. 

Judgment or TKO/KO determines a winner. For protection, Muay Thai fighters use gloves, a cup, and a mouthpiece in a professional match.

Shin guards are required in amateur fights.

You will be granted access to the course once it is purchased. 

Take the course at your pace, and master each technique until it becomes second nature to you.

No amount of online video courses can substitute for a coach right in front of you.

Or an opponent unleashing knees, punches, elbows, and/or kicks at you.

This course will open your mind to more techniques to use when you shadow box, spar, or fight.

When you practice these techniques, have a coach watch you to develop good habits.

If you want to take your training to the next level, train with Ajarn and me at our gym in Thailand.

Schedule a 1-on-1 session today.

Of course.

Muay Thai will provide a foundation that will teach your child hard work, discipline, confidence, and a great way to stay in shape.

The course will expose your child to what to expect at a Muay Thai gym.

An in person coach will be necessary so your child develops proper form and technique.

You’re never too old or out of shape to learn a new sport.

However, always consult with your doctor before attempting any training.

Muay Thai will build your cardio, strength, coordination, balance, and mental discipline.

With anything, you start there’s always a learning curve, but keep showing up and you will learn to love it.

  • Boxing gloves
  • Muay Thai Shorts
  • Mouth Guards
  • Shin Guards
  • Hand wraps
  • Jump Ropes (weighted ropes preferred)
  • Cup
  • Muay Thai Pads
  • Hydration
  • A partner to spar with
  • A mirror or camera phone to film your technique/sparring

No experience is required to enjoy this course but here are things to focus on:

  • First, you should focus on technique. Your speed and power will come with time.
  • Having an open mind.
  • Practice your footwork.
  • Keep your hands Up.
  • Work on things that are uncomfortable. Until they become comfortable

Your shins will always be in pain. There’s no magic pill. Just accept that.

Kick the heavy bag consistently. Again and Again.

Running helps toughen your shins as well.

Recover. Heal. Rinse. Repeat.

For Recovery:

Place a warm towel and rest it on the shin. This will increase blood flow to damaged tissue.

Roll out the shins and the surrounding areas using a massager, foam roller, massage stick, tennis ball, or lacrosse ball.

The answer depends. Sparring should not be started until you know the basics and are able to control yourself.

But stay controlled and breathe.

Tunnel vision can cause people to lose sight of their technique.

Relax your shoulders.

Focus on what you learn in the course and apply it to your style of fighting.

To make a living as a professional Nak Muay is the better question.

Time. Hard work. Discipline. Dedication. A Bulletproof Mindset.

Muay Thai fighters train five to six times per week. More often if possible.

If you move to Thailand, you must partner with a gym, tell them your intention, train for 2-3 months, and take on one fight per month.

You split the profits with your gym 50/50.

This is just one route, but to give you some perspective.