Where Greatness is Born

For anything you want in life, you must fight.

A warrior is buried within you.

There’s a fight coming.

Whether you get in the ring or not, life is bringing a fight your way. You can’t win without preparing yourself. As a fighter, you train yourself to push beyond your previous limits. Every day you become better, stronger, and more hardened to take on anything life throws your way.

If you wait for the fight to come, it’s too late to prepare.

Your Trainers

The Most Unlikely Fight Duo Ever Assembled

Savvas and Ajarn were destined to join forces. That is the only way they could have overcome their individual challenges to unite and train together.

Since training with Ajarn, Savvas has won six titles including winning the brutal Toyota Hilux Revo Marathon at two different weight classes and becoming the WBC Muay Thai World Lightweight Champion.

Iron sharpens iron and the bond between Savvas and Ajarn is the best you can find for sharpening your own fight skills.

The Course

The work of the few

Anyone can pick a fight but few are prepared to fight. It takes work to learn, train, and hone the skills to become a fighter worth fearing.

This course is designed to lay the groundwork for those few. If you’re prepared to take yourself to the next level, click below to learn more.

1 on 1

Book Your Training

The only thing better than getting the video training series is training with the best in person…

And now you can.

If you’d like to set up a time to train with Ajarn and Savvas personally at the gym (in Thailand)

Click the link below to schedule a time.