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Bulletproof Muay Thai

Duration: 54m
Updated:February 23, 2023

He lifted me up…He sweeps my legs from under me…Then BOOM

I felt my dreams shatter right there on the mat. I wanted to keep going, but as I lifted my hand I knew something was wrong…
My elbow had popped out of my socket. I had my elbow dislocated and the fight was over. I was in an immense amount of physical pain BUT the worse part was…

It really F$cked with me mentally.

I was One Step… One Opponent… One WIN AWAY from a title shot.

Then I had to re-evaluate everything.

After some time away, Ajarn my trainer, wanted me to get over the fear of getting injured. In my first training back he kept throwing me to the mat…I was scared… but then something clicked.

I don’t want to be scared anymore. I want to be the best in the world.

This is where Bullet Proof Muay Thai started…
In a month’s time…I won the WBC title by a 4th Round Knock Out.

See your opponent stands between you and success. This is just an obstacle you must overcome to get to your goal.

Whatever your goals may be whether it’s being a world champion, supporting your family, or living your dream life- the person across from you is just another roadblock.

One that you’ll overcome.

There are a lot of emotions before a fight, but once you’re in the moment, you just click into it. With every fight, you conquer a fear, and you become stronger and stronger.

If you want to just win by beating your opponent you’ve already lost. If you want to win by giving your absolute best then you’ve already won–regardless of the outcome.

To achieve success in a fight, you must have your mind in the zone.

The Bulletproof Muay Thai program will help you achieve that.

Who is this for?

  • For a fighter like you, who wants to get the very best from this sport.
  • If you have hit a plateau and want to go beyond your own personal Muy Thai boundaries.
  • For the beginners and intermediate fighter who feels like they are just flailing around when sparring–and you want to make your technique crisper and cleaner.
  • Someone who wants to tighten up their defense, perfect their countering, and score more points with their knee strikes in a clinch.
  • The fighter itching to get into the ring, whose been waiting for a sign to get them to compete.
  • This is your SIGN.
  • Because when you get exposed to Ajarn and I’s training you will be transformed into the fighter you want to be.
  • Before I met Ajarn, I had plenty of fights in Europe, trying to make a name for myself. Once he took me on– I relearned everything, and it has taken me to the top of this sport.
  • If you love the sport of Muay Thai, and you want that extra edge in the ring…
  • Sign up for the course now.

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Stance
Your stance dictates how everything else works for or against you. Get your stance right and you increase your chances of getting the rest right. Get it wrong and you’re making the entire fight harder for yourself.

  • Orthodox & Southpaw Stance

Unit 2: Upper Body
If you can’t throw a punch, you can’t win the fight. In this section we’ll cover everything from jabs to punches. You will see the proper form to use and a variety of ways to attack using your upper body, including:

Unit 3: Lower Body
“If a man can’t stand, he can’t fight.” Terry Silver isn’t exactly a role model of integrity when it comes to fighting, but those words have a strong truth you need to understand: whenever you are using your lower body, you better do it right or you’re putting yourself at huge risk. In this lesson, you will see three different kicks to use. The right kick, SouthPaw kick and the Teep.

Unit 4: Clinch Techniques
Neutralize an aggressive opponent or launch a flurry of devastating knee strikes. You need to know how to move in a clinch in order to maintain control or unleash chaos. Ajarn and Savvas show you all the techniques you will need to master the clinch.

Unit 5: Counter Techniques
Countering is the other half of the fight. You can’t be in control all the time, so this unit focuses on defense and response. You’ll be watching Savvas and Ajarn demonstrate how to defend and counter against your opponent. By the end of this unit, you will have seen clearly how to defend yourself from a variety of attacks and will have learned helpful tricks to be able to counter effectively.

Unit 6: Techniques for Blocking the Teep
The teep kick is a fairly simple kick in Muay Thai. It is great for keeping your opponent at bay, throwing them off tempo and even inflicting damage. For this reason, you need to know how to block this kick effectively. This unit covers 10 techniques that will help you become a pro when it comes to blocking the teep.

Once you have mastered the basics, or if you’re looking for an extra challenge, try these advanced techniques. Ajarn and Savvas both share five of their favorite combos.

How to Wrap Your Hands
Ajarn demonstrates how to properly wrap your hand. Starting with 4 rolls on the knuckles, wrapping around the wrist and then in between each finger, Ajarn ensures Savvas’ hand is ready for a fight.

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