When Savvas Michael isn’t punching in the ring, he’s doing this.

When Savvas Michael isn't punching in the ring, he's doing this.

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Savvas Michael has an amazing life outside the ring, one where he’s open to more BS unlike in the rings, smiles more often, does more talking and of course, has fewer blood spills on his gloves… hopefully, no spills at all.

The Cypriot star is taking his time to inspire, encourage and educate upcoming fighters that look up to him. He believes there’s a knowledge gap when it comes to the fundamentals of fighting and mastering the basics is insanely important as everything else can change but the basics remain the basics.

He said:

“You might be the best fighter in your gym.

You might be the top fighter in your region.

You might think you’re the best.

But when you go abroad, especially in Thailand, you’re no longer at the top of the food chain.

Since they were little, Thai fighters had to fight for their family’s livelihood.

I had to learn the hard way to keep up in this sport.

So how do you box with a fighter who is more powerful and skilled than you?

Every fighter needs to know the basics. Here are a few keys 🔑:

– Make your jab crisp and clean. Your jab should always be in front of you.

– Jab quick and snap it. Always be in their face with it.

– Keep Your Shoulders Relaxed. Tense shoulders drain your energy quickly.”

Savvas Michael also believes that there is so much unnecessary stuff that fighters get distracted by when it comes to Muay Thai — Politics, fame, and fluff like that. Michael believes that these things can set a fighter back and he’s taking his time to show upcoming fighters how to avoid these fluffs and focus on what truly matters — winning.

The 23y/o star as with all things is doing his best to bring his knowledge to these good folks. He just launched an online version of his course that helps fighters train anytime from anywhere. That’s just how far Michael goes to help these upcoming fighters make their big dreams a reality.

Savvas Michael couldn’t qualify more to teach and guide upcoming fighters. The 23y/o star holds a 44-4 professional record, currently owns the #4-ranked flyweight Muay Thai contender’s spot, and is both a former WBC and WMC Muay Thai World Champion.

Getting to such heights in his career must have opened his eyes to lots of loopholes a fighter can’t spot from the gym. These loopholes are probably capable of ruining a fighter’s career, but with the teaching from Savvas Michael, young fighters can avoid these loopholes and rise to the zenith of their craft.

Interestingly, Savvas Michaels training also includes kids. The Cypriot star started fighting at age six so he definitely can relate to the fears, hopes, drive, and mistakes of these lads. Hence, there couldn’t be a better person to guide them through this demanding journey they have embarked on. Trust The Baby Face Killer, these lads aren’t out there playing patty cakes in these seminars. Michael’s taking his time to raise a different breed.

He shares about one of his different breeds:

“Super proud of this young champ, He Trained really hard for this fight. Waking up 4-5 am before school to run and never complained once. Training twice a day and was always focused. He only turned 9 years old but the mindset on this kid is unique. I love seeing a young fighter with so much passion for this crazy sport , Nothing beats it 💙

I told him if he wins , I would get him anything he wants for Christmas. All he wants is a pair of gloves and shorts-different breed.”

The Cypriot star is bumped about the fact that he has upcoming fighters that look up to him and are ready to support him. He believes teaching and guiding them is the least thing he could do to show them how he’s rooting for their success, and he’s going all the way with this. 

Don’t forget to check out the online version of Savvas Michael’s course here. You can be the next Savvas Michael… with your name of course. 


Table of Contents


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